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The business-building strategies you’ve used in the past aren’t working anymore.

Your company is built upon a killer idea. You’ve created a successful prototype for your product, sold it to happy customers, and even raised some capital — as much as $1 million. You know your startup isn’t meant to stagnate; it’s meant to thrive.  

It's time to scale.  

And yet, it’s getting harder to convince investors to give you the money you need. You're starting to lose sleep over the next round of financing. How are you supposed to get your products in more hands, build a world-class team, or attract an engaged board of directors with so few resources?  

Worse, you're spending too much time putting out fires and handling operational, sales, and people crises. You know your job, as the founder and CEO, is to bring money in the door, but you're being pulled in every direction at once.  

You're beginning to worry that your bright idea might end up in the startup graveyard.  

Your company can become tremendously profitable, and it doesn’t have to be hard. 

Success is Coming To You

You have the potential to create significant wealth for yourself and your team, and to provide your investors with a huge return on investment. Someday soon, you’ll be able to build an engaged board of directors, expand your network even further, and potentially even go public.  

Raising growth capital will make this possible, but it will take more than having the right network or sprucing up your investor presentation.  

What you need is a big-picture framework — a solid foundation for your entire company that improves your chances of raising capital and sets you up for ongoing success with investors.  

You need proven, tested strategies that have enabled other startups to raise millions. You need the guidance of a mentor who, as a serial entrepreneur, has been where you are many times, and has built the framework for success.  

You need PLAN COMMIT WIN® Mastery.  

Success is Coming

PLAN COMMIT WIN® Mastery simplifies the process of raising growth capital and increases your chances of success.  

PLAN COMMIT WIN Mastery is a course designed to help startup CEOs like you overcome the challenges of raising growth capital, so you can transform your business into the success story it’s destined to become.  

In just 13 weeks, you’ll refine your approach to business management and learn to secure growth capital from investors. These are the exact steps that have been used time and time again to raise hundreds of millions in equity capital and execute billions in M&A transactions.

Olin Hyde, LeadCrunch

“The insights and process outlined in PLAN COMMIT WIN is one of the reasons my company, LeadCrunch, has grown 110% per month since launching our product.”  

– Olin Hyde, Founder & CEO, LeadCrunch  

PLAN COMMIT WIN Mastery fills in the missing pieces and gives you strategic direction.  

The problem isn’t just that you’re in front of the wrong investors, or that the quality of your pitch is off. Yes, you can work on improving your network and the confidence you bring to your presentation, but these are surface-level tweaks. They won't change the inherent struggle to raise capital and build your business.  

This is because the strategies you’ve used to raise seed funding won’t work for securing growth capital. You need an entirely new approach. You’re not alone; 90% of startup CEOs don’t know how to talk with venture capitalists in a way that earns their trust and entices them to invest.  

You’re about to become part of the 10% who do.  

PLAN COMMIT WIN Mastery will show you how to:

  • Refine your business model by gaining a deeper understanding of your market, audience trends, and your own 3-year trajectory.
  • Develop relationships that earn investors’ trust, so it’s far easier to gain funding and you feel fully prepared for investor scrutiny.
  • Learn the 5 elements of a successful pitch that will limit venture capitalists’ objections, make them receptive to your message, and convince them to invest.
  • Become far more efficient in raising capital, making sales, managing your team, and product development so you can create a business that can truly scale.
  • Enhance your business plan to support your world-class team and create a track record of successful execution and milestones reached.
  • Escape the startup phase and move into the rapid growth phase by shifting from an entrepreneur mindset to a CEO mindset — all so you can make smarter decisions and become more efficient in securing your success.  

PLAN COMMIT WIN Mastery is your roadmap to significantly improving your chances of being funded so you can step into your full vision, and it’s been designed by someone who knows the ropes.  

“Patrick Henry not only focuses on starting a business, but how to find and build relationships with investors, complete with checklists and examples of how to talk to these investors.”  

– Josh Cramer, Reader Views 

Patrick Henry QuestFusion

Meet Your Instructor, Patrick Henry: Serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and author of the acclaimed book, PLAN COMMIT WIN.  

I’m Patrick Henry, and these days I invest in businesses that show great promise, speak publicly on topics like business ideation and sustainable growth, and provide strategic guidance to startups through my consultancy, QuestFusion.  

But 15 years ago, I was busy making costly mistakes. I was failing time and time again, learning through painful experience how not to drive business success. I discovered the keys to success from my business flops, which have afforded me a 30-year career of growing and building businesses.  

I've run three highly profitable technology companies, raised over $200 million in equity capital, and executed over $2 billion in M&A. I’ve taken a company from pre-product and pre-revenue to a successful IPO on NASDAQ and an eventual $1 billion valuation. I’ve been featured in Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and Huffington Post, and my business expertise has made me a sought-out speaker across the country.  

In 2015, I established QuestFusion to provide guidance to thousands of business owners who have a terrific idea, but who are struggling to build their companies and raise money. I’ve systematized my process into the PLAN COMMIT WIN framework, which you can use to dramatically improve your chances of gaining the funding you need to fuel your startup’s growth.  

Don’t take 20 years to achieve the same success I did, and don't allow your bright idea to fail. There’s a smarter way to move forward, and I’ve laid it all out for you in this course. 

“Patrick has a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities that emerging growth companies face. Patrick’s advice is irreplaceable!”  

– Brian Yick, Managing Director, Barclays Investment Banking  

Brian Yick

In just 13 weeks, you can completely transform your business’ trajectory.

PLAN COMMIT WIN Mastery is a fully-online course you can complete on your own schedule. Within its 13 sessions, you’ll gain a step-by-step roadmap to strengthen your business, raise capital, and scale into a powerhouse.  

While each session includes videos, checklists, workbook materials, and thought-provoking assignments designed to help you make massive forward momentum for your startup, they’ve been designed with busy CEOs like you in mind.  

Your Success is Close

Each session will only require 4 to 6 hours of your time a week, and you’ll be able to watch the videos on-the-go whenever you have a free moment. Plus, the targeted resources, and checklists will keep you so focused on your end goal, you’ll save time in the long run.  

As a CEO, it’s essential you spend time every week honing your business strategy. Not only will PLAN COMMIT WIN Mastery keep you on track for achieving your funding goals, it will make you a more successful owner overall.

Session 1 The Hierarchy of Raising Capital

Why some startups succeed, and why most fail, the relevance of the hierarchy for raising outside growth capital from insitutional investors including sophisticated Angel investors and venture capitalists, and how to do this using the PLAN COMMIT WIN methodology.  

Session 2 Smart Ideation: 5-Step Process to Creating a Winning Business Idea  

Discussion of the creative process and why most business ideas are initially bad. The true screen is making money, and the five step process helps to gain some initial clarity about the viability of your business idea. 

Session 3 The Foundation of Any Good Plan  

Overview of the strategic PLAN process, which starts with gaining a deeper understanding of your market landscape, customers, competitors, industry structure, and creating a 3-year forecast that includes key milestones and high level resource planning.  

Session 4 Assessing the Market and Customer Landscape

You’ll spend the next three weeks assessing the landscape and developing your market map. By starting with an in-depth exploration of your market and customers, you can address investor questions about your value proposition, market size and growth.  

Session 5 Assessing the Competitive Landscape and Industry Structure  

Next, you’ll explore the current status of your substitute products, potential competitors, and your industry structure. From this context, you’ll be able to define your business’ advantages in terms of how you stand out from the crowd, and your sustainable advantages.  

Session 6 Assessing the Landscape Using Competitive SWOT Analysis  

Finally, you’ll take an honest look at your company’s strengths, weaknesses, external opportunities, and threats so you can be prepared for whatever comes your way and know where to focus your attention. This provides a framework for contingency planning.  

Session 7 Available Provisions for the Journey  

Now that you’ve assessed the landscape of your business, it’s time to round out your PLAN with a 3-year roadmap, marked by strategic milestones & financial goals, Having a set of financial planning tools is essential to this step, and your financial model and underlying assumptions are a key component of your funding request.  

Session 8 Focus on the Destination  

You have your map, and you need to set out on your course. You know your Point A, and you have an idea about the Point B based on a reasonable set of provisions. You may need to reframe your destination and adapt to market realities and likely available resources. You will need to establish the tools that you'll use to monitor changes in the market landscape.  

Session 9 Necessary Resources to Succeed  

No matter how dedicated you are, there will be gaps between where you are today and where you want to go over the next few years. You need to plan your provisons in terms of people, capital and cash needed to acheive your goals, and do this within a reasonable set of financial constraints. This explains the reasons for the funding request.  

Session 10 Getting Specific About Your Plan  

It’s time to take your strategic PLAN and create an annual operating PLAN and budget. Outline key milestoes for the next 12 to 18 months. Look at potential contingencies and how you'd adapt. Your 'busienss plan' for investors needs this foundation to stand-up to investor scrutiny, and give them short term and intermediate milestoes to build trust and credibility.  

Session 11 Building a Winning Team  

 Your team is at the center of success. Part of COMMITTING means buiding a championship team. Do this with an understanding of the culture you want to build and what you stand for. Your broader team includes your advisors, service providers and board of directors. What skills do you seek, and what special capabilities do you want at the table?  

Session 12 Creating a Culture of Getting Things Done  

You have the strategic PLAN and the business PLAN.. You’ve established the team and your key goals. Not its about the COMMIT. Commitment in this context is about focus, adapting, and developing the right mentor. You also need to have some key processes to track your results, course correct as ncessary, and adapt accordingly. 

 Session 13 Attracting the Right Investors  

The WIN is about raising the needed growth capital to execute your plan. You need to create your investor tool kit, incuding your elevator pitch, your executive summary, a captivating investor-focused presentation that speaks their language and tells a compelling story, and demonstrates your business model. You then need to explain why you, why now, and why this team. Having an onging list of frequently asked questions, or FAQs, in an investor CRM are key. 

ADDITIONAL TOOLS Financial Planning & Analyisis Tools, an Investor CRM, Investor Update Tool and Investor Database

Mastery includes a number of key checklists and guides, and we've also invested in the development of a financial planning and analysis tool specifically well suited for buding a financial model for growth companies. We have also partnered with Foudersuite for an investor CRM and other key investor management tools.  


PLAN COMMIT WIN Membership is where you’ll get your questions answered by me. Through the Membership #SLACK group, you'll get access to other CEOs and comapany fouders that are experiencing many of the challenges, triumphs, and feelings that you feel and see every day. CEO success can be greatly enhanced by having a network of peers and experienced advisors that have walked the path in front of you.

Find Investors

Once you've completed the course, not only will you have strengthened your business so it can stand up to investor scrutiny, developed a roadmap for the next 3 years, and cultivated a deeper understanding of your market and customer base, you’ll also have the following key deliverables in hand:  

  • Elevator pitch designed to grab investors’ attention immediately and help them understand exactly what your business is about
  • Executive summary that allows you to deliver key points of interest for investors succinctly, even if they don’t know anything about your product or market
  • Investor presentation that speaks their language and provides them with the information they need to gauge whether you’re a wise investment choice
  • Frequently asked questions to demonstrate how thoroughly you’ve crafted your business plan and answer investors’ questions before they even ask  

In 13 weeks, you’ll learn what it means to PLAN, COMMIT, and WIN. This course answers all your questions and sets you up for significant success.  

And you get access to it all for just $995.  

You could try to piece success together on your own, but from my own experience, you’d be squandering time, money, and energy. Or, you could follow my framework and accelerate your growth in just 13 weeks.

Helmut Testimonial

“If you are debating the possibility of seeking outside investment through angel investment or venture seed, you simply cannot pass up the opportunity to learn from Patrick Henry and avoid the common pitfalls of most startups.”  

– Helmut Boisch, Allianz Global Investors  

PLAN COMMIT WIN Mastery is your solution to dramatically improving your chances of raising growth capital and succeeding as a startup CEO.

Typically, this type of guidance would require you to spend 2 years of your life and $200,000 in tuition at a Top 20 MBA program. Then you’d need to run at least 1 startup company, raise at least 2 rounds of equity financing, and have at least 1 exit.  

Don’t follow my path. Learn from my path. I’m at the phase of my career where I want to help other business owners succeed more efficiently. That’s why I wrote my book and founded my consultancy, and that’s why I’ve developed this course.  

If you stay on the path you’re on, 13 weeks from now, you’ll still be scrambling to make ends meet. You’ll still be running against a brick wall when it comes to securing the funding you need to grow your business.  

Or you could choose to learn how to speak investors’ language, increase your chances of gaining growth capital, and build a business that’s meant to scale.  

Typically, if you were to learn these important lessons from me at my consulting rate, you’d pay up to $5,000. In addition, admission to the QuestFusion membership for 3 months has a value of $90, whereas priority feedback from me during that time would cost you $300. Building and customizing your own Financial Modeling Tool and Investor Relationship Management CRM system would run you $2,500. The workbooks, checklists, and guides within the course would be $200 on their own.

PLAN COMMIT WIN Mastery is valued over $8,000, but your investment to join is only $995.  

You’ll spend 13 weeks learning and taking taking strategic action. You’ll spend 13 weeks investing in your future. You’ll spend 13 weeks learning how to step out of your entrepreneurial mindset and into the shoes of a true CEO.  

Now is your chance.  

“Patrick Henry is cut from the same cloth as the most successful CEOs of all time who also navigated this same course from early-to-mid-to-growth stage success. The difference with Patrick Henry is that, unlike myriad successful CEOs, Patrick has provide a map for those wanting to navigate their way to realizing the vision that fuels their passion.”

– Stewart A. Skomra, Mobile Workforce  

Stewart Testimonial

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PLAN COMMIT WIN Mastery for me? PLAN COMMIT WIN Mastery is for startup CEOs and business owners who want to raise enough money to execute on their plan and see their company succeed. There’s a critical point you won't be able to move beyond until you’ve taken and implemented the principles in this course, and that’s when you’re trying to shift from securing seed funding to growth capital. If this describes you, I can’t emphasize enough how important this course will be to the trajectory of your business.  

You don’t have to have an MBA to be a great fit for PLAN COMMIT WIN Mastery. The most important prerequisites are a desire to continue learning (even when it gets hard), a working knowledge of basic business terminology, and a willingness to put in consistent energy for the 13 weeks of the program.  

As a CEO, I’m busy. How much time will I need to dedicate to the course? PLAN COMMIT WIN Mastery will require 4 to 6 hours of your time each week for a period of 13 weeks in order to watch the videos and complete each session’s homework. Compare that with the time it would take you to read books on all the topics covered in the course, or the years you’d need to put into an MBA program, and it’s hard to imagine a better use of your time.  

Besides, how much time are you wasting right now looking for guidance in the wrong places? Within this course you’ll find a proven framework that keeps you focused on the most essential keys to success so you can strengthen your business model and secure the funding you need to scale and grow.  

As CEO, it’s critical you be thinking about your positioning in the market, the strength of your business plan, and the other topics we cover in PLAN COMMIT WIN Mastery. If you find these topics are slipping through the cracks right now, or you’re making progress inefficiently, your time investment in this course will save you time and keep you focused on the most important actions you can take.  

If I’m having trouble getting funding, how can I afford this course? There are two ways to get anything done: By leveraging time or by leveraging money. If you leverage your time to scour books, videos, articles, and blogs, you might still learn how to get yourself out of your current funding conundrum. After all, it’s what I did. It only took me years to discover how to create success.  

But do you really have that much time? You need funding now. You’ve got a staff to pay, wealth to build, a product to ship, customers to make happy, and a vision to fulfill. To be an effective CEO, you must be strategic with your resources. I can think of no more strategic investment than COMMIT PLAN WIN Mastery.  

If you follow the proven framework outlined in this $995 course, you’ll make that money back in spades, starting to see results in as little as 6 months. You’ll get out of the funding rut you’ve found yourself in, and because you’ve strengthened the foundation of your business, you’ll be able to scale more quickly and efficiently than you ever could’ve before. 

Patrick Henry QuestFusion

I’m not opposed to investing in my business, but is a course really the right choice? You might be tempted to put your money towards more tangible tools (like a CRM) or a service (like research to develop a list of cold leads) instead of a course about business strategy. You’re making sales, after all. Why do you need strategy?  

But making sales doesn’t mean you’re familiar with the best practices to scale beyond your current capacity. Bringing in seed funding doesn’t mean you have the necessary pieces in place to secure the growth capital you need. And who’s to say you’re using the resources you already have as effectively as possible?  

COMMIT PLAN WIN Mastery will help you identify the tools and resources you truly need in your business and teach you how to leverage them. You’ll refine your current business model, marketing strategies, and relationship with your customers so you can wow venture capitalists. 

This course is exactly what I need. How do I sign up and get the most out of my experience? I’m so glad you’ve chosen to invest in yourself and your business by joining PLAN COMMIT WIN Mastery. To sign up, simply click the button below, and you’ll be taken to a payment page. Soon after, you’ll receive a welcome email letting you know the next steps. .